This is one of the alterego’s of Vansteenkiste Tom. He started the project because he was fed up with cancelled rehearsals and fed up with the typical difficulties a bandleader can encounter when trying to organise jams and rehearsals: you can end up becoming every musicians mother and/or secretary and the composition process evolves way to slowly. And thus, alone in his studio, Nailbiter started to compose melodies on his computer and record them quickly and dirty just to get the basic idea on track. Next, he asked other musicians to come and play the music so it could be recorded properly. After that, he started re-sampling bits and pieces of the recordings. A process during which many effects where used. He experimented with the sound, unexpected rhythms and genre switches, tending to add a certain “charm” to the songs.


Every part of the Soundbits cd is composed in studio and played in afterwards by these fine musicians.

Nailbiter: ‘Soundbits’  (cd)

OTP001: Release Date: Jan. 2011


Produced / Composed / Recorded / Mixed / Video by Oktopus Production

Mastered by Michaël Penson

Graphix by  STLVisuals


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Nailbiter: ‘Raymond’  (free download)

OTP003: Release Date: April. 2013


Produced / Composed / Recorded / Mixed / Graphics by Oktopus Production

Mastered & Mixed by Stef Exelmans



Nailbiter recordings new album


Nailbiter is busy with the recordings of the new full album that is coming out this summer.

This month we give you al little teaser with a new single drop of the album.

Thanx to STL for using his funky drum setup!

Recorded @ Peerdestalluh Productions


Nailbiter ‘You Got To’ (Free download)

OTP004: Release Date: May. 2013


This is the second single of the new Nailbiter full album. The song will be available on Bandcamp at the end of the month. Featuring Isa Lain & Skjive Zeevne. Look out for this one!!


Produced / Composed / Recorded / Mixed /

Graphics by Oktopus Production

Picture by Kjell Gryspeert

Mastered & Mixed by Stef Exelmans